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Sail Making for the model Endeavor

A lovely couple brought their old sails, which were shredded, to me to make new sails for this model that they had carefully restored. It was a fun project. I love a challenge. I was glad that they were delighted with the result. I learned that they posted a very kind note about this project on our neighborhood forum (see below). I look forward to seeing the restored sailboat in their window in my bicycle travels about Eastport.

"Hi neighbors! Just wanted to sing the praises of Terry at Bayshore Seamstress ( - just next to Wild Country Seafood by the Maritime Museum). I've had this model of the Endeavor since 2001 and after many years of sitting in the sun in my bay window, the sails that it came with were disintegrating. Terry did a beautiful job recreating them and got every detail right, down to the tiny brass grommets in the sail. This is a project that not everyone would want to take on, but she approached it like a labor of love (helps that she's a big sailor!). I'll definitely be working with her again this summer when I need custom cushions made for my outdoor furniture, or for anything other sewing needs I have. She's awesome, local and super friendly, and I can't recommend her highly enough!"

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