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My Story

I am a nurse practitioner that worked as a seamstress to complete college. I continued to use my sewing skills all throughout my married and family life. I found myself at the end of my nursing career in a quaint cottage by the Chesapeake Bay.


Recently, I started making masks and soon I was sewing for friends and neighbors. I love to take something old and make it new again, to bring back old styles and patterns with a modern twist. It seems like a good time to be a "green" seamstress and renovate or create something new with what we already have in our closet and home. I am looking forward to this "creative" time in my life with you and your ideas too. I must warn you that my "nautical" side tends to influence everything in my life.  


When I am not in my shop I will be on a boat, paddle board, kayak, or in a local sailboat race.


See you out there, mate!

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