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Paris Retro Jacket Renovated...

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A friend and neighbor brought to me this 1950's corduroy jacket with a Paris label. Honestly, it looked and felt like a shapeless and lifeless rag. I wish I had "before" pictures. I found it very clever that the "raised ribs" or right side of the fabric was used as the wrong side of the fabric and as the inside of the jacket. Whereas, the "raised rib" side or right side was only used for accents in the collar, cuffs, and pockets. This jacket had a few issues; one cuff had a large tear and hole in it, buttons were missing, stitching was coming out around pockets, collar and facing were not tacked in, and the interfacing was fraying and not tacked in either anymore. First I hand washed it and the fabric just sprang to life. Next I stole the bottom of the back pocket and used that corduroy to fix the torn cuff. I hand stitched the interfacing and facing back into their rightful place. I had to hand stitch a few tears around the pockets. Lastly, I added new leather buttons. And, she was the beauty that she once was again. I am glad to know that she is just down the street and think I might make a pattern of her and make myself a French corduroy coat in a more modern corduroy fabric color ...just for fun. I was so glad that my neighbor trusted me with this gem. He was very surprised to see what a little love and care can do to a well worn jacket.



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