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New and improved...

I started out with a kind of 3 D pattern, then tried the "Olson" pattern, and eventually found my way to the "Jesse" pattern designed by an engineer. I learned the nose clip

really needs to be sewn in aluminum and the side panels need reinforcement and 2 or 3 folds at the casing. Also, I learned how to fix the timing on my mechanic sewing machine, the Sailrite Ultrafeed, while my "dress" machine is in the shop. I have met so many neighbors I would not have met and this mask making has given me a purpose. I appreciate everyone's patience and help on this new journey. It is good to do something different, try new things, and be able to ask for help. It keeps my life an adventure...even in my 7th decade.

Here are a couple of the new make and models.

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