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"Eventually everything looks like a boat" says Kevin Costner in the Message in a Bottle movie

Updated: May 20, 2021

I really enjoyed the cinematography in this movie and how the coastal home was nautical without any obvious "nautical decor". I find joy in all things that are actually nautical, intended for a very practical purpose or two, or more. I feel fortunate to be so close to the bay and its indigenous plants and wildlife. I have always enjoyed mixing plaids with florals, Ralph Lauren meets Laura Ashley. This was popular when I was first putting together a family home, but really they are classic to me in that my own grandmother had the same combination of very masculine furniture - heavy dark walnut, cherry, or mahogany woods and plaid fabrics softened with large floral and nature prints, cutout and lace work, and beautiful hand sewn quilts. I do not buy Pottery Barn furniture when I can buy an antique for less that has a similar sense, but is truly old wood with all the patina and the markings of being well loved by others before me. I find a comfort in this.

I found the plaid fabric at Mill End for a great price, it felt like a good solid, tightly woven, cotton. I made a 2 rod pocket panel so that I could soften the plaid with a 2"ruffle at the top if I wanted. I paired the plaid with Tommy Bahama bedding and my furnishings. I had a print made into canvas and simply framed to look like an old nautical inn sign. When in a room near the bay I like to think that I might see the ghost of Captain Gregg. I never tire of the "What we missed...." monologue (Rex Harrison) whispers and then roars to the sleeping Lucy (Jean Tierney). And, as you can see.....leave it to me ....and all will look like a boat...


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