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A true compliment, sent by a formally trained seamstress... about my masks.

"Good morning Terry,

I just purchased one of your masks from Michelle at Leeward Market (pattern of nautical buoys), and your stitching quality, design and fit is superb! Of course I peeked inside to notice the pinked raw edge. Wow, love your attention to detail.

As a former seamstress (major in college too many years ago) my garments could be worn inside out, as I believed in finishing all seams plus quality. Now my sewing is mostly for nautical purposes (canvas covers on our sailboat).

Simply wanted you to know that your attention to detail and quality is admired.

Best to you and yours.


Capt Marla"

And, just to add my own nurse practitioner opinion...I have not even had a cold or the flu this season. The pandemic has made me think that in certain situations wearing a mask in the "flu" season from now on might not be a bad idea. I think the mask has protected me from the common cold, the flu, and the COVID virus. We are exposed to viruses, but if we can keep the "viral load" to a minimum, there is a good chance that our immune system will not be overwhelmed and can manage well enough. It is good to learn from other countries and people.

New brightly colored Batik masks for Spring. It is time to add some color.

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